Thread - Tim Lewis 2009


Thread was filmed in September 2008,
in a Martello tower off the Eastbourne
coast. A mother and son take a short break,
and encounter a violent attack from an
unknown entity living within the tower.

Thread was selected to be viewed on the
Virgin Media Shorts website.

Finding intriguing locations has been equally important as writing compelling scripts. 'Thread', written and directed by Tim, is one example of how the location plays a vital part in setting the tone of the story.

"The pre-production stage makes up a substantial part of the overall film production, and 'Thread' was no exception. I wanted to find a distinctive location to set the story against. The script plays off the fear of bringing
the unknown into a tranquil setting, in this case a derelict tower on the coast. After much searching online and travelling around the coast, I found a martello tower which was potentially accessible. Having secured permissions, filming was able to begin over two days in mid September 2008". Tim Lewis