Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Television Production

Inspired with a desire to be involved in the creative media industries,
and having a big interest in film and television, Anne decided to take a course
in Media Production in 2002 at a local college, and following the success of that course,
went on to study for a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Television Production,
which was completed in 2006. Anne has been making films ever since.

Quote from Telling Time viewer:

"I saw your film last week at Bedford Film Society... It certainly did make me think and wasn't just banal entertainment. I thought the way depression and a hard existence was conveyed was very strong. I particularly liked the parts in the call centre: very oppressive. Another strength was the relationship between Rachel and myself, the viewer, and the homeless man and myself. These were economically and strongly established. They contrasted interestingly with far more sympathy being elicited for Rachel even though the man was, on the surface, in a more pitiable position. I don't know much about film techniques so I don't know what was successful in achieving this: but it was successful!! To begin with I was frustrated by the sparse dialogue but on reflection this helped to convey a more powerful impression. So thank you for making this film and all the best with your future work, Alison".


Bachelor of Science with Honours Media Production and Technology 2000

Having an active interest in photography from a young age,
Tim has developed a keen eye for both the still and moving image,
studying a degree in Media Production and Technology in 1997 and working
on various film and video projects since. Tim seeks to explore the way various
visual elements interact to enhance the story
telling process in film, including framing techniques,
use of locations, and colouring of footage to create a given mood.