Headache was screened on June 10th at the 2010 Leith film festival, near Edingburgh. For more details please see our Related Links page.

Representatives from BabyCow Productions Ltd,producers of 'Gavin & Stacey', 'Saxondale', 'The Mighty Boosh', and '24 Hour Party People' havecomplimented the film 'Headache' in its own right, and they were veryimpressed by the talent of the lead actress, Tracy Canavan-Smith.

An article on Headache was published in The Institute of Videography 'FOCUS' magazine in the July 2010 issue (issue 186, page 6).

Headache - Anne Misselbrook 2009


An office worker is becoming increasingly
frustrated by her co-worker's irritating
behaviour in the office. Despite this,
Veronica's curiosity gets the better of her.

Headache was screened at the Milton Keynes
Gallery on Thursday January 27th 2011.

Headache was screened at the Bedford Corn
Exchange on 28th October 2011.